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optimal security, functionality and support

GetRiskManagement Security


The Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure used by GetRiskManagement puts strong safeguards in place to help protect privacy. Cloud security at AWS is the highest priority; and with AWS, the data centre and network architecture are built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations

GetRiskManagement Functionality


GetRiskManagement allows organisations to follow the steps of risk identification, analysis, evaluation, control, mitigation, contingency planning, monitoring, communication and review

GetRiskManagement Support


GetRiskManagement support includes a dedicated online Ticketing System, Knowledge Base and User Community Forum


The Risk Management Solution

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organisational protection

Every activity, whether business or personal, entails some degree of uncertainty. GetRiskManagement: help protect the organisation

Maintain reputation

The reputation of any organisation is essential to its survival; and for a business, the trust and confidence of stakeholders can have a direct and profound effect on the bottom line

regulatory compliance

Support the organisation to achieve compliance with all relevant laws, policies, and regulations

organisation success

The maintaining of reputation and complying with all regulations, when added to the strategic plan, creates the framework for a successful organisation

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effective contingency planning

There is a need to prepare for events such as the loss of data, people, customers, suppliers and other disruptions. Make contingency planning a regular part of the way the organisation works

task-driven control and mitigation

Specific control and mitigation actions that will reduce the likelihood of a risk occurring, and reduce the consequence severity

Transparency and standardisation

Drive a risk-based culture centred around awareness and openness. Show all parts of the organisation the status of risks through a standardised interface

efficient use of resource

Have everyone focused on delivery but aware of the risks and the actions required by themselves and others

Risk Management Tools

Effective Tools to Help Manage Risk | 903-875-5069 | TEDxYYC


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The Best GetRiskManagement Plans

Free Starter Plan

FREE Starter Plan

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  • 5x5 Matrix
  • Impact Categories
  • Threat Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Control/Mitigation Task Manager
  • Online Storage
  • Filtering
  • Image Exporting
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Standard Plan

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